Zara McFarlane — Songs of an Unknown Tongue

Every year I hear a jazz album that reaffirms my adamant belief that jazz is the most important genre of music developed in Modernity, and also probably ever. Songs of an Unknown Tongue is the most recent addition to this venerable corpus. …

The compulsion emo fans have to create diagnostics and tiers and graphs and taxonomies and dendrograms and wikis and zines and various labyrinthine diagrams, I can only assume, is a psychic product of technocapital’s drive to arboreally organize. But also. I can’t help but drool over this shit lmao.


In Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation, the philosopher describes the world of the forthcoming 21st century as a realm where consumerism itself becomes reality: “These billboards, in fact, observe and surveil you as well, or as badly, as the ‘policing’ television. …


disgruntled member of the music commentariat

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